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Before The Tide Comes In


Arthouse Jersey



"Two strangers buried up to their necks in the sand await their fate with the tide coming in. 
A thoughtful and comic conversation about their lives and their attempt to find peace."

Deserving: Martin Walsh

Undeserving: Cathy Sara
Written and Directed by Joshua Shea

Director of Photography: Will Jack Robinson

Production Company: Arthouse Jersey

Editors: Joshua Shea, Will Jack Robinson, Georgia Robinson

Line Producer: Esther Shea

Sound: Nic Dinnie

Aerial photography: Marc Le Cornu 

Production assistants: Ronan Morling, Max De Bourcier, Natasha Blasco, Andy Harris, Robbie Dark

Hair and Makeup: Liz Shea

Production manager: Martyn Shea

BTS Photography: Cleo Leather

BTS Videography: Cameron Aird
Music Producer: Oliver Henry

Recording Engineer: Tom Corscadden

ADR Engineer: Nic Dinnie

Sound Design: Cam Spiers

Mixing Engineer: Oliver Henry
Music by Joshua Shea & Liz Shea

Violin 1: Sonja Tuomela

Violin 2: Ivelina Ivanova

Violist: Iina Marja-Aho

Cellist: Christopher Hedges
Elliot Cole, 
Anthony Bessick, 
Andi Reiss
, Phil Griffin, 
Jonny Labey, 
Lucy Abraham
, Luke Walton, 
The Pitch Film Fund
, Steve Taylor
, Debbie Taylor, 
Clare Scott
, David Scott
, Ian De Gruchy, 
Karen Forbes-Ewing, 
Ian Barrett
, JP Le Blonde
, Emma Oxenham
, Joshua Scott
, Dave Houiellebecq

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